Young Pathos Kollektiv / Pathos Theater Munich

I want to be famous, I want to be nothing, I want to be dust and sand, beige and dirty.
I want to be pink and glitter, pop and makeup.
What am I looking for and why is life only sometimes like in the movies?

Seven actors are on a scaffolding with different postures and look through a net.


© Armin Smailovic

  • 1 h, no interval

Past Dates

The production in the media library as a  video on demand until 30 May 2024

Based on the theme of “freedom”, the Young Pathos collective has developed an interdisciplinary piece that deals with the paralyzing effect of difficult decision-making processes and the discouraging state of the world. How do I deal with freedom - what do I choose? The world is our oyster. And now? Do we set out together? The players from Munich deal with the time after, the time in between, the freedom in which there is suddenly uncertainty, fear and sadness. Originally conceived as an open air piece, “NOW OR NEVER” can now be experienced indoors for the first time - on the stage of the Haus der Berliner Festspiele.

By and with

Sara Ladwig, Julie Himmelreich, Camilo Tupac Amaru Störmann, Marvin Krause, Stella Neuner, Dodo Lorrig, Joe Bogner Carbó, Bruno Golisano, Elisa Wenz

Chris Hohenester Artistic Direction
Marie Jaksch Stage Design, Costume Design
Ananda Nefzger Assistance
Noah Donker Technical Direction
Lisa Risch Head of Production

Sponsored by the Munich Department of Culture and the District Committee 4 and 9, in cooperation with Pathos Theater