„So lang ich lebe, lebt Gerechtigkeit.“

based on “Antigone” by Walter Hasenclever

Theaterjugendclub “Sorry, eh!” / Schauspiel Leipzig

In the play “So lang ich lebe, lebt Gerechtigkeit.” (“As long as I live, justice lives.”) there is the foreboding of a youth who sees the social tipping point coming.

One actress in black vinyl pants stands with her arms raised near a microphone at the head of a triangular formation of about nine other actresses with their arms out to her left and right.

„So lang ich lebe, lebt Gerechtigkeit.“

© Rolf Arnold

  • 1 h, no interval

Past Dates

The production in the media library as a  video on demand until 30 May 2024

Based on Walter Hasenclever's expressionistic adaptation of Sophocles' tragedy “Antigone” rom 1916, the play “So lang ich lebe, lebt Gerechtigkeit.” uses Greek mythology to address rational and emotional, human behavior patterns in all their radicality and inevitability: myth meets present. The examination of the material from a youthful perspective with all the doubts and insecurities, the rage at the existing, their self-deprivation and the urge for change, interweaves with the seemingly hopeless spiral of injustice and violence in the world.


Omid Arabbay, Hannah Arnim, Hanna Mina Deutsch, Nika Fabich, Julius Götze, Sarah Hohendahl, Linus Hüsam, Maria Kremer, Stine Kreutzmann, Toni Leue, Marlene Lidy, Magali Rassmann, Nele Reinshagen, Maria Trofimov, Fine Weßlau

Yves Hinrichs Direction and Stage Design
Naomi Jaschinski Costume Design
Paul Spiering Choreography
Gwendolin Kyra Schmerer Music Rehearsal
Hannah Arnim Assistant to the director
Robert Gotthardt Video
Benjamin Große Dramaturgical Consultation
Thomas Kalz Head of Stage
Ronny Kinner Lighting Design
Heribert Weitz Sound