Jugendclub Banda Agita / GRIPS Werke e. V. in cooperation with GRIPS Theater, Berlin

Listen to me! I have something to say! I want to tell you! I want us to confide in each other our wishes, dreams and fears. For too long we have been isolated from each other and have become strangers.

Nine actors in colorful costumes, one of them in a wheelchair, are in different poses next to each other on a pink carpet.


© David Baltzer

  • 1 h, no interval

Past Dates

The production in the media library as a  video on demand until 30 May 2024

How do I shake someone's hand after what feels like an eternity, when shaking hands has gone out of fashion and elbow checks have replaced hugs? How can people get closer again and get to know each other? With the piece “TRAU DICH!” by the youth club Banda Agita, an interactive dance theater piece, everything becomes playfully easy at once. “TRAU DICH” is a brilliant get-to-know-you show - guaranteed better than any dating app!

By and with

Hakon Arndt, Luca Hieret, Nuria Kovacs, Helena Kropa, Medine Lokmaci, Daniel Luft, Nora Meinhold, Josephina Zarbock

Oana Cîrpanu Artistic Direction
Christina Wüstenhagen Choreography
Zoé-Philine Leduey Costume Design
Lili Marleen Grzimek Stage Design
Nike Fuchs, Gilles Peping Assistant
Arian Bracher Musical Composition
Jerry Geiger, Elena Ruiz, Morten Kracht Stage Systems
Christian Klier Graphics