TheaterImpulse e. V. & Oberstufenkolleg Bielefeld

What expectations does my environment have of me and how do I deal with them? What “molds” am I in and what molds am I put in?

Six actors sit side by side on a stage, looking through a green, rectangular, window-like box that frames their heads and in which they rest their right arm.


© Detlef Hamann

  • 50 min, no interval

Past Dates

The production in the media library as a  video on demand until 30 May 2024

“UnGeformt” tells the story of seven young people who embark on a journey of self-realization. In the process, the young people reflect on experiences and encounters with their environment and are confronted with expectations and “molds” into which they seemingly have to fit. In the end, the turtle shows them that being fast is not everything.

By and with

Mamadou Diallo, Rosa Koepsel, Emilia Mazurkewitz, Ali Nazari, Aiva Prišlova, Anton Rode, Emily Taake

Carlotta Drescher, Marlene Wohlhüter Direction
Malene Ahrens, Lotta Topel Stage Systems
Emma Lohrenz, Marlene Walkenhorst Costume Design
Mara Löbbe, Maike Stickling Design
Detlef Hamann Video
Thomas Döring, Steffan Knepel Support

General thanks: TheaterImpulse e. V. and Oberstufenkolleg Bielefeld