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Allein das Meer (The Same Sea)

By Paul Binnerts after the novel of the same name by Amos Oz
Kulturinsel Halle – neues theater

Premiere 24 November 2005
Allein das Meer (The Same Sea)

Allein das Meer (The Same Sea)

© Falk Wenzel

  • 2h 30 min, one interval

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Life, a longing for meaning and love: seven people tell their stories and their individual tales coincide, cross over and weave together in an unspectacular but fascinating way. In the centre is a young man who, following the death of his mother, retreats to the Himalayas to find himself, while his father and his girlfriend left behind in Tel Aviv become closer. The Israeli author Amos Oz chose a minimalist style of narrative where everyday poetry and prose are fused together with realistic passages and stream of consciousness into a single meandering tale. Director Paul Binnerts has condensed the novel into a piece of epic theatre where the performers narrate, act and illustrate both story and commentary with great sensitivity and gentle humour.


Directed by Paul Binnerts
Stage and Costume Design Peter de Kimpe
Music Thies Streifinger
Dramaturgy Jochen Kiefer

Albert Danon, Rico’s father and widower of Nadia Peer-Uwe Teska
Nadia, Rico’s mother Danne Hoffmann
Rico, climbs mountains in the Himalayas Yves Hinrichs
Dita Inbar, Rico’s friend Carmen Birk
Bettine Carmel, widow, a friend of Albert Barbara Zinn
Dubi Dombrov, film producer Frank Benz
Giggy Ben Gal, friend of Rico and businessman Andreas Range
Mirjam, Rico’s travel companion Danne Hoffmann
Writer/narrator with an own story Jörg Lichtenstein
Musician, the tenth figure Thies Streifinger

Talk with the audience
Thu 18 May 23:00 on the stage