The 10 Selected Productions


A documentary production by Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel / Rimini Protokoll
Nationaltheater Mannheim

Premiere 5 June 2005


© Karola Prutek

  • 2h, without interval

Past Dates

Talk with the audience
Fri 19 May 22:30, Stage

Theatre and reality overlap in “Wallenstein” to an extent which is extraordinary. One instance of this is the presence on stage of the former CDU candidate for Mayor of Mannheim, Dr. Sven-Joachim Otto. He recounts truthfully how he was built up as a populist candidate only for his own party to refuse to vote for him. While every word of what he says is true, Otto is also unmistakably acting. The actors create and deconstruct themselves simultaneously. “Wallenstein” is the first time Rimini-Protokoll have worked with a classic text. The production is a triumph of casting and “framing”, a collage of astonishing contemporary fragments and an intelligent commentary on Schiller’s “Wallenstein”.


Directed by Helgard Haug, Daniel Wetzel
Stage and Costume Design Judith Kehrle
Lighting Design Sofie Thyssen
Dramaturgy Imanuel Schipper

Dave Blalock Vietnam veteran, anti war activist
Wolfgang Brendel former head waiter in the hotel “Elephant”
Friedemann Gaßner electric master and Schiller fan
Ralf Kirsten deputy head of a police authority in Thuringia
Robert Helfert town councillor retd., former air force assistant
Rita Mischereit runs a dating agency
Dr. Sven-Joachim Otto lawyer, town councillor in Mannheim
Esther Potter approved astrologist (DAV)
Hagen Reich former officer cadet of the Federal Armed Forces
Darnell Stephen Summers Vietnam veteran, musician

On Video
Carsten Südmersen chairman of the parliamentary party CDU Mannheim
Prof. Martin Weber chair for economics and public finance (University of Mannheim)

A production of the Nationaltheater Mannheim in co-production with the Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar for the 13th International Schillertage