Rodrigo García

Rodrigo García / Madrid, Piloña
“Gólgota Picnic”
A drama for five fallen angels and seven last words

Gólgota Picnic

Gólgota Picnic

© David Ruan

  • Length 2h 20, no interval
  • In Spanisch with German surtitles

Past Dates

Artist talk
17 October 2012, following the performance

Five people gather for a picnic in a place that is more evocative of mounds of fast food meat than of Christ’s suffering and death. At the end of the evening, a battlefield remains in which people are left ravaged, filthy and smeared – fallen angels, destroyed by excessive consumerism and quarrels with God. Evil has long existed on earth: “I cannot teach you to fill the world with weapons: you have already done so”, is just one example of lessons taught here. In “Gólgota Picnic”, Argentinian director Rodrigo García makes a furious indictment of western society. He aims at museums as modern-day temples in which Christian iconography representing torture – crowns of thorns, castigation and crucifixion – is presented even to children. Blood and beauty go together, for example in passages of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion, which tells of suffering and death while meat is churned through a mincer on the big screen and worms crawl bury into ground flesh. García presents a macabre picnic, using consumerism as a stage, and provokes a serious, controversial debate on Christ’s promise of healing that founders due to human self-empowerment. Finally, there is extreme chaos, made up of silence, isolation, and deceleration – beauty that has to be endured. And without redemption.

Stage director / author Rodrigo García
Piano Marino Formenti
Music Joseph Haydn, “Seven last words of Christ on cross”
Lighting designer Carlos Marquerie
Light board operator Roberto Cafaggini
Video Ramon Diago
Acoustic space Marc Romagosa
Technician Carlos Stavisky
Costumes Belen Montoliu
Director assistant John Romao
Translation Katharina Frankenberger
Surtitles David Maß / KITA
Production Centro Dramático Nacional / Madrid, Théâtre Garonne / Toulouse

Gonzalo Cunill, Nuria Lloansi, Juan Loriente, Juan Navarro, Jean-Benoît Ugeux

A co-production with the Festival d’Automne Paris