Fabian Hinrichs

Fabian Hinrichs / Berlin
“Die Zeit schlägt dich tot”
A musical monologue on the big questions of life
World premiere

Die Zeit singt dich tot (AT)

Die Zeit schlägt dich tot. Fabian Hinrichs

© William Minke

  • Length 1h, no interval

Past Dates

Artist talk
21 October 2012, following the performance

“An electrifying gospel evening, which is literally about everything.” This statement fits Fabian Hinrichs, the Berlin actor who has achieved fame for his tumultuous evenings at the Volksbühne with René Pollesch. In “Die Zeit schlägt dich tot”, he has emerged as a conceptionist, director and actor. On the main stage of the Berliner Festspiele, he delivers a never-ending monologue, an evening filled with song, and a musical tale. The stage is an enormous space in which the actor is abandoned. The challenge is to fill it with physical and vocal power. The risk of failure is part of this challenge and human fragility can be felt, no matter how much furore is taking place. In a mixture of rock ‘n’ roll and post-punk, the musical tale is accompanied by thrashing electric guitars playing music by Jakob Ilja from Element of Crime and his three-man band. “Die Zeit schlägt dich tot” addresses the existential questions that you ask yourself at the age of 15 and to which you return, aged 40: love, life, fulfilment and desperation. “Life isn’t complicated, just absolutely terrible.” Let’s crack on with it.

By and with Fabian Hinrichs
Music and composition Jakob Ilja
Conceptual assistance / stage Jürgen Lehmann
Costumes Victoria Behr
Executive producer Office Tom Stromberg

Jakob Ilja guitar
Nikko Weidemann keyboard
Niels Lorenz bass
Carolina Bigge drums

A production of Berliner Festspiele / Foreign Affairs in co-production with Hebbel am Ufer / Berlin together with Ringlokschuppen Mülheim, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Le Maillon-Théâtre de Strasbourg and Kaserne Basel