Marino Formenti

Marino Formenti / Vienna
Music for life – a three-week piano performance
German premiere



© Marino Formenti

“A kind of pagan chapel where life and music can become one” is Marino Formenti’s description of “Nowhere”. Boundaries between time and space become blurred, allowing the artist to reflect on music, make frequent experiments and rediscover wonder through repetition. For three weeks, the mobile house, created by Kyohei Sakaguchi, will become a stage in front of the Haus der Berliner Festspiele to house the Italian pianist and conductor. It represents a threshold between the private and the public, the interior and exterior, providing a space in which the musician will eat, sleep and spend the whole day at the piano, playing a repertoire from John Cage, Morton Feldman and Louis Couperin – artists whose emphasis was on the moment and who deliberately dispensed with development. Silence and concentrated sound alternate in “Nowhere”, the aim being to “disappear” into the music – a far cry from the usual structures of time and reception. This applies to the musician and to the audience who can both decide when and how long they come, go, or stay.

By and with Marino Formenti