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Allt ska bort – Everything Must Go (Sweden)
By Anders Duus

ca. 21:00
I Made Love to the Old Dancer
By Tomo Mirko Pavlović

Anders Duus / Tomo Mirko Pavlović

Anders Duus / Tomo Mirko Pavlović

© Victoria Löfgren / Hostrup-Zehnder, Stuttgart

  • In German

Past Dates

Allt ska bort – Everything Must Go

Nearly all the members of a clique of eight friends in the stifling provincial Swedish town of Repefors work in the only factory in town. Only Franky seems to have managed to escape. When a foreign company starts to face out the factory, the ensuing protests lead to a kind of civil war in which the old friends suddenly find themselves on opposing sides. Gradually the play “Everything must go” renounces realism and becomes a surreal, paranoid fantasy.

I Made Love to the Old Dancer

Three old people suddenly find themselves seated on the posh couch of a bored yuppie couple. This seems to be legal, but it is not bearable, particularly not for the young man who instinctively hates the three rightful intruders and wants to send them straight back to thehome. The young woman, however, in “I made love to the old dancer” risks an encounter with Alfons, an aging and melancholic dance teacher.


Allt ska bort – Alles muss raus
Szenische Einrichtung Michael Talke
Dramaturgie Franka Gebert
Es lesen Robert Beyer, Christoph Franken, Niklas Kohrt, Georg Scharegg, Katharina Schmalenberg, Katharina Thalbach, Regine Zimmermann und Johannes Zirner

Der alte Tänzer und ich haben Liebe gemacht
Szenische Einrichtung Sandra Strunz
Dramaturgie Andrea Vilter
Es lesen Peter Brombacher, Ezard Haußmann, Caroline Peters, Hildegard Schmahl und Mark Waschke

Allt ska bort: With the support of the Swedish Embassy in Berlin