Mobile House

Mobile House

© Kyohei Sakaguchi


Kyohei Sakaguchi

Kyohei Sakaguchi / Kumamoto
“Mobile House”
Plywood with a past

“Zero Public – Practice for Revolution”
Vernissage: 27 September 2012, 19:00
Open on performance days two hours before and after curtain. Free admission.
The exhibition in the Upper Foyer of the Haus der Berliner Festspiele is exhibiting a selection of Sakaguchi’s designs, pictures, videos and texts that trace the artist’s career and contextualize his work “Mobile House”.
In collaboration with Makiko Hara (Centre A, Vancouver, Canada)

Artist Talk
30 September 2012, 18:30, Haus der Berliner Festspiele

“How to build a Mobile House”
07 October 2012, 18:00, Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Cinema

“If we’re going to discuss architecture, we should first experience a camp situation, one without walls or a roof˜, according to Kyohei Sakaguchi. He believes that it doesn’t take much to create a home. Inspired by the mobile lifestyle and survival strategies of the Japanese homeless in large cities, this architect, writer and painter questions our consumer lifestyle and the definition of private and public space. His Zero Yen Houses are residential constructions that cost very little because they are created with materials that others throw away: construction site waste, disused car batteries and solar cells that produce just enough electricity to power a stove or a TV. These houses can be easily taken apart and rebuilt elsewhere as they are made up of several separate parts. From this original idea of recycling, Sakaguchi further developed the principle of mobility in his portable houses. A loophole in Japanese construction law, in which a structure on wheels does not count as a dwelling, makes it possible for Sakaguchi to erect mobile residences on derelict or public land. This form of housing reinterprets the concept of property and aims to reclaim common living space. For Foreign Affairs, Sakaguchi will erect a mobile house on wheels in front of the Haus der Berliner Festspiele: a five-part dwelling made of plywood with a past will house the pianist Mario Formenti for three weeks, where he will play the piano while audiences are invited to come and go as they please.

The construction material is partly made up of elements from the project ÜBER LEBENSKUNST/Instant City Initiative.

Idee/concept Kyohei Sakaguchi [Kumamoto]
Assistance Yosuke Nishiumi
Production managers Akane Nakamura, Nana Koetting