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Jazz & Poetry

Famoudou Don Moye · Hartmut Geerken / Christian Brückner & The Lone World Trio

Jazz & Poetry

Since decades the organic alliance of spoken word and improvised sound has been a challenge for the jazz world. Hartmut Geerken is predestinated for this high aim because he is a poet, a musician and a researcher in one person. As a percussionist and sound artist, he has been touring with John Tchicai and Sun Ra amongst others.

Famoudou Don Moye is the famed long-time drummer of the Art Ensemble of Chicago and also works in other projects where he acts as the director of spectacular sound performances – with an emphasis on the dialogue between the living and the ancestors.
The duo Geerken/Moye promises an alluring show with contemporary poetry and sonic magic from ancient times.

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He is the German voice of Robert De Niro, and has – with his unmistakable timbre – also dubbed actors like Warren Beatty, Peter Fonda or Harvey Keitel, to name a few. Sometimes his powerful yet empathic synchronisations are so convincing that they threaten to outshine the originals.
Christian Brückner always had a soft spot for jazz and has worked with big outfits like the WDR Big Band as well as with intimate ensembles often including his son, guitarist Kai Brückner. In this recent version of his project Brückner Beat he gathers three main players of the contemporary Berlin jazz scene.

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Famoudou Don Moye · Hartmut Geerken
Famoudou Don Moye, drums, percussion
Hartmut Geerken, poetry, various instruments

Brückner Beat
Christian Brückner & The Lone World Trio

Christian Brückner, voice
Frank Möbus, guitar
Johannes Gunkel, bass
Jan von Klewitz, sax