Michel Portal Quartet / Archie Shepp Quartet

Michel Portal / Archie Shepp

© Jean Marc Lubrano / Monette Berthomie

Past Dates

The French woodwind and bandoneon player Michel Portal is much in demand on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. With a background in both – modern classical and chanson/jazz avant-garde his trademark is his sonorous tone. His narrative style is based on his extraordinary mastery, a secure sense of style and his adventurous spirit. The quartet is a French all-star ensemble with his old comrade-in-arms Daniel Humair and the two full-blooded avant-garde musicians Louis Sclavis and Bruno Chevillon.
Name it as you like –old school or the fine art of European Improv– this is a band of four like-minded who draw from a pool of unfailing creativity.

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He worked with Cecil Taylor and Bill Dixon around 1960 before becoming a member of John Coltrane’s inner circle. In 1965 he played on Coltrane’s album “Ascension”. Archie Shepp’s cry got under one’s skin and more often than not his themes were politically or socially motivated. Over the years his flaming avant-gardism has mellowed and he merged traditional elements like blues, gospel and spirituals – without compromising his radical musical attitude.
Until this day the saxophonist has kept his proverbial independence. With Amina Claudine Myers on piano and organ he has found a coequal musical partner who – just like him – knows how to combine power and soul.

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Michel Portal Quartet
Michel Portal, bass clarinet, sax, bandoneon
Louis Sclavis, alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet
Bruno Chevillon, bass
Daniel Humair, drums

Archie Shepp Quartet
feat. Amina Claudine Myers
Archie Shepp, tenor sax
Amina Claudine Myers, piano, Hammond B3
Wayne Dockery, bass
Steve McCraven, drums