Nomads, Prophets, Barbarians – Maghrebinian Essences

Past Dates

until 23:00 | interval app. at 21:00

Francophone Literatures

Presentation · Silke Behl

An odyssey through an imaginary Algerian city, a childhood in Tunisia, a raving report about a life between illusion and reality, death and love – four prominent representatives of Maghreb literature read from their work:

Salim Bachi’s (Algeria/F) novel “Villa Kahéna” will soon be available in German. Villa Kahéna belongs to a Maltese settler, who prospers in the French colony. During the end of his life, he is torn between the French colonial power and the struggle of the Algerian population for independence.
Speaker · Frank Arnold

Hélé Béjis (Tunisia) tells of growing up in a tolerant Muslim neighbourhood, spared from the religious fighting and the enforcements of religious fervour. At the same time she grapples with her position as a woman between tradition and modernity.
Speaker · Astrid Gorvin

Unfortunately, Rachid Boudjedra (Algeria) had to cancel his participation in the festival. Friedhelm Ptok will read out of his novel “The Repudiation”, that deals with the traumatic childhood of a young man and describes the destruction of identity as exemplar for an entire society.

Khaled Najar’s (Tunisia) poems written in the Arabic tradition have numerous occidental influences, particularly from French literature. The poet presents condensed, lyrical text pieces, in which a dramatic feeling of bereavement and yearning is inscribed.
Speaker · Frank Arnold

Mourad Sakli (Tunisia), one of the best Oud players from Arabic lands, provides the musical accompaniment for the evening.