Discussion 1: Art

Self-determination, young art in Russia

Christina Steinbrecher / Taisa Korotkova / Valentin Dyakonov / Astrid Mania

Christina Steinbrecher / Taisa Korotkova / Valentin Diakonov / Astrid Mania

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Art is created in context, or rather in contexts: social, cultural and political environments determine the production and become incorporated in the works. RusImport illuminates the current situation of the arts in Russia in four panel discussions on the subjects of theatre (with Marina Davydova, editor in chief of the magazine Teatr, among others), literature (people’s poet Dmitry Bykov in conversation with Tilman Spengler) and art (with Christina Steinbrecher, ex-head of Art Moscow, among others) as well as childhood in Russia (with playwright Elena Gremina, actor Pavel Barshak and performance artists Andrej and Maria Popov).

With Christina Steinbrecher, Taisia Korotkova, Valentin Dyakonov
Moderation Astrid Mania