V_Museum – Platform Moscow

THU 29-11 to SUN 09-12-2012, daily from 16:00

A walk-through virtual installation

Taisia Korotkova: Technology Part 1, 2008

Taisia Korotkova, Technology Part 1, 2008

Courtesy V_Museum

  • Free admission

The youth scene in Moscow is vibrant and heterogeneous. The artists produce works that reflect their everyday realities and address the challenges of an increasingly globalised world. V_Museum – Platform Moscow presents a walk-in visual installation by visual artists aged between 25 and 35, who are mostly unknown in the German art world.

A project by Christina Steinbrecher, Andrey Gelmiza and Anne Maier.
Produced by Sputnik Art Foundation and Berliner Festspiele.
Supported by the Federal Foreign Office and RostMedia.
With friendly support of Brandenburger Hof, KNYGABYTE, justdesign

Curator Christina Steinbrecher
With Taisia Korotkova, Aleksander Lysov, Pavel Kiselev, Olya Kroytor, MishMash (Mikhail Leykin and Maria Sumnina)