Laura Gallego García

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International Children’s and Youth Literature
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A dragon and a unicorn – both the last of their kind – are hiding on Earth from the evil magician Ashran. Only the one who finds them will be able to break the disastrous power Ashran has over the planet Idhún. A small group of brave rebels take on the quest. Laura Gallego García (Spain) tells the story of Jack and Victoria in “The Secret World of Idhún – The Conspiracy”, who set off with the charismatic fighter Alsan to break the Power of Evil.
8th/9th grade

Laura Gallego García was born near Valencia in 1977 and is counted amongst the new voices of Spanish children’s and young people’s literature. Her first novel ‘Finis Mundi’ was released in 1998 and became a bestseller. Since then she has published numerous prize-winning novels, children’s books and picture books, which distinguish themselves through a symbiosis of history, fantasy, fairytale and magical realism. ‘Memories of Idhún. The Resistance’ (2004) is the first part of a fantasy-saga trilogy about a distant magical land and the exciting struggle against the black magician Ashran. The author lives near Valencia.