Manil Suri

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International Children’s and Youth Literature
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What does Finite-Element-Calculation have to do with literature? Can the world be turned into a handy formula? Manil Suri (India/USA) is a writer and mathematician. In his event for young people, he illustrates the concept of “infinity” and discusses with his public the diverse connections between creative writing and mathematical research.
12th/13th grade

Manil Suri was born in Bombay in 1959 and is a professor of Mathematics at the University of Maryland, USA. In his debut novel, the bestseller ‘The Death of Vishnu’ (2001), he depicts the death of a man on the stairwell of the apartment block in which he spent his life working as a kind of caretaker. As his body slowly ascends the individual storeys of the building we are provided both with a panorama of the different factions within the building and an impression of the complexities of Indian society, a description which can also be read as a metaphor for the Hindu stages of existence.