Rachid Boudjedra

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International Children’s and Youth Literature
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Rachid Boudjedra (Algeria) reads from his “Kafkaesque” novel “The Stubborn Snail”: six days in the life of a faithful Algerian civil servant, head of the department for destroying rats, although he loves these animals. On his way to the office he meets a gigantic snail. He feels more and more threatened and followed by it. Compulsion, pedantry, and obsession begin to overshadow his daily routine.
12th/13th grade

Rachid Boudjedra was born in 1941 in Aïn-Beida in Algeria. Since his first novel he has continually placed himself in the centre of hostility. He depicts the incessantly perpetuated codes of violence in Algerian as well as French society with a specific pathos of anger and desperation. In 1983 a fatwa was called against Boudjedra and since that time he can only traverse his home country under the protection of bodyguards. In 1975 he received the Palme d’Or award of the Cannes Film Festival for his screenplay of the film ‘Chronicle of the Years of Fire’.