Cao Wenxuan

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International Children’s and Youth Literature
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In his novel “Cao fang zi” (t: The shack with the straw roof) Cao Wenxuan (China) tells the story of Sangsang who attends an elementary school by a river during the Chinese Cultural Revolution and who is confronted with first love, age, sickness, and death. In “Hong Hu Lu” (Eng. “A Red Gourd”), an apparently insurmountable river separates the children of two families and shapes the innocent love of Wuan, the son of a swindler, and Niuniu.
4th–6th grade

Cao Wenxuan was born in 1954 in the Chinese province of Jiangsu and is a professor of Chinese Literature at the University of Beijing. The two time winner of the Soong Ching Ling Children’s Literature Award has released more than 50 novels and stories for children and teenagers, many of which are now already regarded as classics within China. Showing a mastery of language and implementing a usage of haunting metaphors Cao’s works draw an elegant picture of village life in China, as seen in, amongst others, his well known novel ‘Cao fang zi’ (1997; t: The shack with the straw roof).