Spatial strategies in skits, performances, videos and tryouts Presented by Berliner Festspiele Lab



© Julia Masagão

Past Dates

Opening: THU 17 January, 18:00
with Leonie Baumann (principal Berlin Weißensee School of Art) and Christiane Kühl (vice director Berliner Festspiele)
Finissage: SAT 19 January, from 22:00

Students from eleven different countries explore the Haus der Berliner Festspiele. The students, candidates of the interdisciplinary Masters of Spatial Strategies (Raumstrategien) at the Berlin-Weissensee School of Art, have investigated the site and spaces of the West-Berlin theatre. Case studies, performative interventions and an array of video works have emerged from research into the architecture and history of the site. Working under the title “Moderne PROBEN” (Modern SMPLING), over three evenings, the seventeen students present their results in this exhibition probing the Haus der Berliner Festspiele from inside and outside.

The Masters course at the Berlin-Weissensee School of Art “Space Strategies: exploratory art in public contexts” exists at the intersection point between art and theory. The Haus der Berliner Festspiele program Lab bridges, on the one hand, the highly specialised variety of festivals the house offers, and on the other hand, the fresh perspectives of young professional arts practitioners.

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By and with: Cem Kozcuer, Elena Lee, Ella Spector, Eva Schmidhuber, Evanthia Giannakopoulou, Julia Masagáo, Kika Yang, Lerato Shadi, Marco Dorn, Mari Poller, Namia Leigh, Pallin Tansawat, Patricia Breves, Sonja Hornung, Sven Borger, Vanessa Gageos, Victoria Anderson under Prof. Maren Strack, Stephan Mörsch, Bettina Vismann and Kathrin Wildner.

A cooperation between the Berliner Festspiele and the Berlin Weißensee School of Art, Master of Arts programme Spatial Strategies