Performance & Installation

Slipway to Galaxies

Performance Installation

Charlotte Hug

Charlotte Hug

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Past Dates

19:00 Artist talk after the performance
Charlotte Hug in discussion with Barbara Eckle

In her works, Swiss musician and artist Charlotte Hug follows the primal musical impulse – the musical gesture - and transcribes her inner visualisations into visual and bodily traces which she draws on semi-transparent paper using both hands. Emerging are so-called Son-Icons, large formatted drawings that can be read as musical notations in many ways.

A great influence on the development of the Son-Icons and Charlotte Hug’s music is her work with and in nature. She lets the drawings be flooded, rained upon or drenched in flowing water, resulting in new structures. In her installations, these Son-Icons become spatial partitions that can be entered and that open up new spaces for thinking and creating. They are visual stimuli for improvisations and compositions. “Slipway to Galaxies” is a solo performance that is situated somewhere between composition and improvisation within the Son-Icons of Hug’s “Mercurial Touch” installation, which was conceived for the Haus der Berliner Festspiele. “Mercurial Touch” integrates newly created Son-Icons that broach the subject of manmade water in Berlin’s urban spaces.

“Slipway to Galaxies” is influenced by longer stays in Ireland: transitions between land and water, day and night, life and death represent a central theme in Celtic mythology, are experienced, celebrated and sung about, populated with spirits and transferred into stories. Charlotte Hug takes up these nocturnal myths and relates them to her experiences during a sleep deprivation experiment in a sleep laboratory.

Charlotte Hug
Slipway to Galaxies (2011) GP
Live performance in the installation Mercurial Touch

Mercurial Touch
Installation with son-icons (2013)

Charlotte Hug, viola/voice/composition/painting
Kathrin Kausche, lighting design

With the support of Canton Zurich Fachstelle Kultur and Pro Helvetia