Christian Dierstein: Recital


Christian Dierstein

Christian Dierstein

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Past Dates

Percussionist Christian Dierstein realizes new playing techniques and unusual music theatre concepts in close collaboration with composers. Many new compositions for percussion instruments, such as the solo works in this concert, are dedicated to him. These include the three new “micro music theatre” works by Lucia Ronchetti, Daniel Ott and François Sarhan.

In “Helicopters and Butterflies” (2012), Ronchetti created a mini drama based on Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky’s “The Gambler”. The soloist acts as musician and actor in a complex “stage set” made of different instruments, where he tragically loses himself in his percussion. “querströmung 2” for drums and audio recorder (2011) by Daniel Ott is the essence of work staged on the bank of the Ruhr, and involved the interpreters holding an acoustic dialogue with the roar of a waterfall at a dam. Daniel Ott compressed the musical material and transferred it to a memorizing interior space, the previous space-specific dialogue is continued in a concert hall.

With “Homework 2” (2010), French composer François Sarhan wrote a work for the body and the voice of the soloist alone.

Finally, Italian-born Pierluigi Billone elicits a variety of timbres from his instruments. For “Mani.Gonxha” (2011) he studied the instrumental possibilities offered by Tibetan sound bowls. He connects the familiar archaisms of their sound with new, still unknown sound spaces. Christian Dierstein is able to trace these spaces. His sensitivity towards the instrument is also appreciated by Salvatore Sciarrino, who dedicated a virtuoso sound study to him with “Il legno e la parola” for marimbaphone and plate bells (2004).

Daniel Ott
querströmung 2
for percussion and tape (2011)

Pierluigi Billone
for two Tibetan sound bowls (2011)

François Sarhan
Homework 2
for solo body percussion (2010)

Salvatore Sciarrino
Il legno e la parola
for marimba and bell plates (2004)

Lucia Ronchetti
Helicopters and Butterflies
Solo for an operatic percussionist
based on Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky “The Gambler” (2012) GP

Christian Dierstein, percussion/voice

In collaboration with Radialsystem V