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“It was through QuerKlang that I experienced a change in my own thinking: this music is something new for me and also an experience that I can view as enriching if I allow myself to.” (Nick, 11th school year)

Contemporary music often plays second fiddle in ordinary music lessons. Contemporary musical language represents a personal form of expression that is also available to musical laypersons, but this is completely factored out in the selective engagement with individual works. This results in a lack of misunderstanding and intolerance towards the diversity of new music.

The QuerKlang project aims to counteract this tendency by encouraging pupils to experiment with musical material of their own accord and create their own compositions. In addition to curiosity and an openness towards experimental music, this also leads to a fundamental understanding of the process of composing.

QuerKlang brings together three working worlds that are normally independent of one another: the world of school, the world of university-level education and the world of freelance musicians and composers. QuerKlang thrives from the tension between these three potentially conflicting worlds – it is here that they collide, conflict-ridden by all means.

World premieres of group compositions by pupils of John-F-Kennedy Schule Berlin, Katholische Theresienschule, Georg-Friedrich-Händel-Gymnasium, Evangelische Schule Köpenick and Hector-Peterson-Schule, accompanied by Ute Wassermann, Tom Rojo Poller, Michael Hirsch, Amelia Cuni, Mathias Hinke, and the school’s music teachers as well as students of UdK Berlin

Tuesday 19 March 2013, 17:00

A composition of the Leistungskurs Musik – Klasse 11 of the John F. Kennedy Schule

Ess-moll Symphonie
A composition of the Wahlpflichtkurs Darstellendes Spiel – Klasse 10 of the Hector-Peterson-Schule


Wednesday, 20 March 2013, 17:00

A composition of the Leistungskurs Musik – Q1 of the Georg-Friedrich-Händel-Gymnasium

Musik ohne Musik
A composition of the Klasse 10c of the Katholische Theresienschule

[ ]
A composition of the Wahlpflichtkurs Musik – Klasse 10 of the Evangelische Schule Köpenick

Elena Mendoza / Christoph Riggert / Stefan Roszak / Kerstin Wiehe, project managers
Oliver Güngör / Susanna Heise, assistance

A project by University of the Arts Berlin / klangzeitort, K&K kultkom and Berliner Festspiele / MaerzMusik. Funded by means of the European Union / European Social Fund / Lernort Kultur. With the support of Stiftung Berliner Philharmoniker