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Thomas Ankersmit

Thomas Ankersmit

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The fascinating thing today about analogue synthesizers, the dinosaurs of electronic music of the 20th century, is their unpredictable and imprecise nature. Sounds oscillate, shift, modulate. The electric current, which flows through resistors, condensers and circuits, and also the synthesized sound become tangible. Timbre and tonal intensity are directly accessible.

It is for this reason that Dutch-born musician and artist Thomas Ankersmit, who divides his time between Berlin and Amsterdam, has focused on the tonal possibilities offered by analogue audio technologies for many years now. “Stress Patterns” is a four channel audio composition for Serge analogue modular synthesizer, contact microphones and computer. In his concert, Thomas Ankersmit combines recordings he made of old original Serge synthesizers at the CalArts Electronic Music Studios with a live performance on his own instrument.

Argentine musician Marcelo Aguirre and Berlin-based artist Jens Brand have named their three-part performance for percussion and video “Zé Bif – bloody conceptualism in three parts”. Their point of departure is the congruence of several aspects of death metal – extremely loud, extremely fast, extremely slow – with certain characteristics of conceptual art – extreme focus, extreme structure. There is as little room for death metal music in conceptual art as there is for the concept in death metal, say the artists. Marcelo Aguirre and Jens Brand want to change this.

Thomas Ankersmit
Stress Patterns
Audio composition (2012) GP

Marcelo Aguirre & Jens Brand
Zé Bif – bloody conceptualism in three parts
for percussion, video and electronics (2011/2013) WP of the new, complete version
I Zé Mit
for percussion and video
II Zé Bohn
for percussion and microphone
III Zé Hart
for four snare drums, sampler and video

Thomas Ankersmit, Serge analog synthesizer / computer / microphone

Marcelo Aguirre, percussion
Jens Brand, video/electronics
Sukandar Katardinata, programming

In collaboration with Technical University Berlin – Audio Communication Group – Electronical Studio and Berghain