Hasretim – Trip to Anatolia

Musical installation for orchestra and video documents of Anatolian folk musicians (2010)

Musical Road Movie

Hasretim – Eine antolische Reise. [Video trailer]

Past Dates

“Hasretim” (“My Longing”) is a musical search for cultural identity. Together with Markus Rindt, the artistic director of the Dresdner Sinfoniker, guitarist and composer Marc Sinan embarks on an unusual journey. The route leads from the Black Sea, his grandparents’ homeland, to the Armenian border.

Over the course of many weeks they find and film traditional musicians, attempt to penetrate their music and perhaps find the last musical documentation of different modern world. Much like everywhere, traditional music is a dying art here, too. The former Aşıklar Kahvesis, “singer-songwriter” clubs, are simple teahouses today. It is only seldom that one meets young musicians there such as Kemençe player Mesut Kurt from Trabzon or singer Asiye Göl from Ordu. The fewest of them are able to make a living with their music, yet they play with great lightness and virtuosity. Their music speaks of restlessness and temperament and bears the footprints of Anatolia’s cultural and ethnic diversity. In “Hasretim”, Marc Sinan’s musical findings encounter his own contemporary music for a mixed ensemble of the Dresdner Sinfoniker with Turkish and Armenian guests.

“Hasretim” received an award from the German UNESCO Commission in 2011. The performance in the Kammermusiksaal is the release concert for the CD/DVD which ECM will release in March 2013.

Marc Sinan, music
Andrea Molino, musical arrangement / conductor
Marc Sinan / Markus Rindt, idea und concept
Hans-Peter Eckhardt / Markus Rindt / Filip Zorzor, camera
Filip Zorzor / Lonni Wong / Fabian Knecht, video

Dresdner Sinfoniker
Hezarfen Ensemble
with Turkish and Armenian guests

A production of Dresdner Sinfoniker, Hellerau – European Center for the Arts Dresden and YMUSIC. With support of Turkish Embassy Berlin and Stiftung Berliner Philharmoniker.
The Dresdner Sinfoniker are supported by durch Dresden – Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz and the Kulturstiftung Dresden of the Dresdner Bank