“A” Trio Mazen Kerbaj / Sharif Sehnaoui / Raed Yassin

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“A” Trio

“A” Trio

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“A” Trio consists of musicians and artists Mazen Kerbaj, Sharif Sehnaoui and Raed Yassin from Lebanon. Together, they have played formative roles in the experimental art scene, electronic music culture and improvisation scene in their country, and they hold their own in global art discourses with their individual artistic works.

As musicians they are at home on international stages and surprise their audiences with their unconventional musical concepts and instrumental techniques.

They encounter their own heritage with respect, but are open to the diversity offered by other cultures. Their key characteristic lies in the concrete and the situation-specific. Boundaries separating artistic genres seem to disintegrate and a distinct musical language unites them.

“A” Trio
Experimental Improvisation

“A” Trio:
Mazen Kerbaj, trumpet/objects
Sharif Sehnaoui, guitar/objects
Raed Yassin, double bass / live electronics