3 November to 7 January 2007

Who or what is worthy of the label “famous”? Is sheer media attention enough for someone to call him- or herself “famous”? Will it do to cover oneself with glory, to go down in history, or is some sort of performance required? Where is the line between being famous and being a celebrity? What could a modern pantheon look like? The Eiffel Tower, Berlin’s signature Curry Sausage, Jesus Christ – or was Andy Warhol right in saying that nowadays everyone is a superstar, if only for 15 minutes? This exhibition shows neither celebrities nor stars, but rather the ambivalence of fame with all its comic and tragic aspects. It is about images, media pictures, advertising icons, merchandising classics, red carpets, famous role-models, and ancient he roes.

This time around, 73 photographers and 12 authors have accepted our invitation to participate in exhibition and magazine. We are proud to present their contributions, comments, statements, and views to you as part of the European Month of Photography. Each contribution tells its own verbal or pictorial story, each complementing, overlapping, contradicting and questioning the other

Have a look for yourself!

The 73 photographers of famous

Anatol Kotte, André Beyer, André Zelck, Andreas Herzau, Andrej Glusgold, Anne Gabriel-Jürgens, Anoush Abrar, Astrid Salomon, Axel Martens, Beri Bieber, Bernd Grundmann, Bernd Jonkmanns, Birgit Dunkel, Boris Schmalenberger, Brita Sönnichsen, Christian Charisius, Christian von Steffelin, Christoph Siegert, Cellina von Mannstein, David Klammer, David Maupilé, Dirk Fellenberg, Edgar Herbst, Engel & Gielen, Enver Hirsch, Flurina Rothenberger, Frank Bauer, Frank Grimm, Gergely Szatmári, Gunnar Knechtel, Günther Schwering, Hans Jürgen Burkard, Heike Ollertz, Irina Ruppert, Isadora Tast, Jens Boldt, Jörg Gläscher, Jonas von der Hude, Julia Knop, Lars Gerold, Livio Piatti, Markus Dominitzki, Markus Frietsch, Martin Jehnichen, Martin Langer, Martin Luther, Martin Timmermann, Michael Klein-Reitzenstein, Michael Lange, Miriam Yousif-Kabota, Nabiha Dahhan, Nina Flauaus, Nora Bibel, Olaf Tamm, Olaf Unverzart, Oliver Möst, Philipp Rathmer, Reinhard Hunger, Ronja Beer, Samuel Zuder, Simone Thürnau, Stefan Pielow, Stefan Thurmann, Susanne Wegner, Telse Faust, Thomas Schmidt, Tim Schober, Tobias Bergunde, Uta Neumann, Vincent Vittecoq, Volker Schrank, Volker Wenzlawski.

The 12 authors of famous

Andreas Wald, Erwin Koch, Funny Müller, Harald Braun, Jochen Siemens, Jörg Thadeusz, Mark van Huisseling, Mathias Irle, Niels Jürgens, Susanne Kaloff, Ully Behrendt, Wiglaf Droste.

The magazine “berühmt”/ “famous” is available for € 6.00 at the cash desk.

Organizer: Museumspädagogischer Dienst Berlin. An exhibition of teh seven partner cities of the European Month of Photography 2006: Berlin, Bratislava, Luxemburg, Moskau, Paris, Rom, Wien. Made possible by the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin.
On the occasion of the European Month of Photography 2006.