Collado & Van Hoestenberghe

Fundación Collado-Van Hoestenberghe, Pontós
“Nueva Marinaleda”
German premiere

Nueva Marinaleda

Nueva Marinaleda

  • 1h 10, no interval
  • In English

Past Dates

Artist talk
29 June following the performance

We find ourselves in a utopian future – it is the year 2112. The Spanish revolution that started in spring 2011 with the “Indignados” has triumphed. In a community hall decked with streamers and plants, an overhead projector beams agenda items onto the wall. They range from sculptures at motorway rest stops, phyto-translators that decode messages sent by bamboo plants, to sleep, food and love. In the self-governed community of Nueva Marinaleda, culture is something that is practised by the community instead of being consumed. Gratifyingly inverting the relationship of the individual and the collective, projects, perspectives and stories are negotiated in a circle of people, who sound out possibilities and organisational forms for communal life.
Ernesto Collado lives and works in the small village of Pontós where, together with the Belgian musician and performer Barbara van Hoestenberghe, he leads the Fundación Collado-Van Hoestenberghe, an independent laboratory for dramatic conception that practices “critical optimism”. Collado is not only interested in Pontós’ people and spaces in the context of the MAPA festival, which he founded there; instead, the Catalan film and TV actor also explores the role of the artist in situ in his work. In “Nueva Marinaleda” – the name is a tribute to the village of Marinaleda in Andalusia, which is run on libertine, communist principles – he imagines a social utopia and invites the audience to try it out.

Idea/direction/dramaturgy Ernesto Collado
Music Barbara van Hoestenberghe
Investigation / joint assistance for the script Jordi Bover, Barbara van Hoestenberghe
Lighting design
Production Eteri
Distribution/management Iva Horvat

By and with:
Nicole Balm, Jordi Bover, Barbara van Hoestenberghe, Mostafa Benkerroum, Piero Steiner, Ernesto Collado

A production of Fundación Collado-Van Hoestenberghe, in co-production with Zomer Van Antwerpen, Generalitat de Catalunya / Departament de Cultura and Temporada Alta-Festival de Tardor de Girona