Vandewalle & De Vries

Benjamin Vandewalle & Erki De Vries, Antwerp/Brussels
German premiere



© Bart Grietens

  • Length 30 min, no interval

Past Dates

Who or what is moving? The dancers? The room? Young Belgian dancer/choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle and visual artist Erki de Vries have conceived an incessant game of disorientation for an audience of 15 people. They are required to climb onto a moving podium and travel into a magical world of constantly altering spatial impressions. Shifting white walls create ever-changing constellations of space in which the dancers emerge and disappear until the viewer loses all sense of orientation. Like in the pictures by H.C. Escher, perspectives and vanishing lines change until the only fixed point remaining is the floor. It is a sensual game of deception that continually creates new points of view inducing feelings of vertigo and a loss of direction. The half-hour performance of “Birdwatching” is the result of Vandewalle’s and De Vries’ shared fascination for observation and perception. Dancers, space and spectators become part of the choreography where the relationship between these elements is constantly being redefined. Nothing is really what it appears to be at first glance …

Conceived by Benjamin Vandewalle, Erki De Vries
Choreography Benjamin Vandewalle
Scenography Erki De Vries
Dramaturgy Marnix Rummens
Costumes Bert Gillet

By and with Marisa Cabal / Tale Dolven, Benjamin Vandewalle, Erki De Vries, Anton Boon, Robin Jonsson / Marnix Rummens

A production of We Go in co-production with Monty (Antwerp), STUK (Leuven), detheatermaker (Antwerp)
Funded by the Flemish Authorities

Administration / tour management Caravan Production (Brussels) for We Go