Das Prinzip Meese

By Oliver Kluck
Prize winner of the Theatertreffen Prize for Young Dramatists 2009, sponsored by the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Premiere 8 February 2010

Das Prinzip Meese

Das Prinzip Meese. Michael Klammer, Anika Baumann

© Thomas Aurin

  • 1h 20, no interval

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Oliver Kluck succeeds in describing the condition of the big city’s nearly thirty year-old youth. “The Meese principle” means the awareness of the particular confusion of this generation which, buffeted between assistant jobs and the prospect of unemployment and a life on benefit payments, asks for the meaning of its existence. The author identifies this desperate search as his own, too – arrogant, vain, obstinate, but also pathetic. This radical irreconcilability with one’s own inability to act characterizes the text in all its fierce humour and angry desperation.

Directed by Antú Romero Nunes
Stage and costumes Julia Plickat
Dramaturgy Carmen Wolfram
Music Johannes Hofmann

With Annika Baumann and Michael Klammer

A production of Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin