Der Penner ist jetzt schon wieder woanders

By Juri Sternburg
Prize winner of the Theatertreffen Prize for Young Dramatists 2011, sponsored by the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Premiere 15 January 2012

der penner ist jetzt schon wieder woanders

Der Penner ist jetzt schon wieder woanders. Anne Müller, Matti Krause

© Thomas Aurin

  • 1h 15, no interval

Andrej and Igor get on Berlin’s subway looking for their dealer. This journey becomes a trip straight to hell which none of the other passengers will survive. Randomly and seemingly without motive, they go on a killing spree. Suddenly, after the sixth murder, God is sitting between Andrej and Igor. But rather than stopping them and showing his omnipotence, God readily answers their questions, talks about the future of Europe and Africa and dictates the upcoming lottery numbers.

Directed by Ekat Cordes
Stage design Anna Bergemann
Costume design Kerstin Narr
Puppets Olivia Carye-Hallstein
Music Jan S. Beyer, Jörg Wockenfuß (Testsieger)
Dramaturgy Sibylle Dudek

Anne Müller: Andrej
Matti Krause: Igor
Aenne Schwarz: Young Woman / Garaffity Sprayer/ Woman
Gunnar Teuber: Publisher/ Pensioner / Man / Policeman
Wolfgang Hosfeld: God / Waiter

A production of Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin