Fast ganz nah (euer Krieg ist unser Krieg)

By Pamela Carter
Commission of the TT Stückemarkt 2012 to write a play, sponsored by the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Premiere 6 April 2013

Fast ganz nah (euer Krieg ist unser Krieg)

Fast ganz nah (euer Krieg ist unser Krieg). André Kaczmarcyk, Robert Höller, Andreas Hammer

© David Baltzer

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Public discussion after the performance

Separated from her husband and alienated from her son, Louise tries to make a comeback as a sculptor. She creates a sculpture depicting a group of soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan. While Kevin, who models for Louise, begins an affair with her, the sculpture seems to come to life and to anticipate the future: With pitch-black humour, the apparently dead soldiers look to the hills of the Afghan city that they defended. All in vain – death already has them in its grip. In her drama “almost near”, Carter has written a thrilling piece of political literature that throws up questions of the social responsibility of the individual.

Directed by Elias Perrig
Stage design Maren Greinke
Costume design Sara Kittelmann
Dramaturgy Julia Weinreich
Lighting design Björn Gerum

Anna-Katharina Muck: Louise
Torsten Ranft: Ed
Anton Petzold: Jeff
Tanya Erartsin: Buddy / Budur
André Kaczmarczyk: Kevin ‘Princess’ Marley
Andreas Hammer: Simon ‘Chips’ Pringle
Robert Höller: Michael ‘Nicey’ Dicketts
Julia Keiling: Natalie Jackson
Biber Gullatz: Musician

A production of Staatsschauspiel Dresden