TT50 – The Dance

for the 50th Theatertreffen of the Berliner Festspiele in May 2013

Jürgen Kuttner

Jürgen Kuttner

© Thomas Aurin

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At the Dance, Jürgen Kuttner will investigate “the theatre’s epoch-making peculiarities and its vision for the future”. Together with Sandra Hüller, actors and directors will reminisce about their own Theatertreffen moments. The “Theatre Composers Orchestra”, founded especially for this occasion and made up of prominent theatre musicians, will accompany the anniversary celebrations. Followed by “Autistic Disco” with Lars Eidinger after 23.00.

Theatre Composers Orchestra:
Lieven Brunckhorst saxophone, clarinets and flute
(works with Stefan Pucher, Jan Bosse, Studio Braun)
Fritz Feger cello, vocals and double bass
(works with Karin Beier, Tomaž Pandur, Amélie Niermeyer)
Philipp Haagen piano, trombone and tuba
(works with Dimiter Gotscheff, Thomas Dannemann, Jorinde Dröse)
Claudia Renner (actress), vocals and accordion
(work with Andreas Kriegenburg, Jorinde Dröse, Stephan Kimmig)
Ingo Schröder guitar
(works with Andreas Kriegenburg, Stephan Kimmig)
Karsten Süßmilch bass trombone and sousaphone
(works with Jorinde Dröse, Corinna von Rad)
Rainer Süßmilch trumpet, alto horn and concertina
(works with Jorinde Dröse, Corinna von Rad, Christiane Pohle)