The 10 Selected Productions


Based on Molière
after the translation by Benno Besson and Hartmut Lange
Version Dimiter Gotscheff
Thalia Theater, Hamburg

Premiere in Salzburg 29 July 2006
Premiere in Hamburg 27 September 2006


© Arno Declair

  • 2h, no interval

Past Dates

Talk with the audience
Moderation Hartmut Krug
Wed 16 May 22:00

With the aid of lot of Heiner Müller, Gotscheff rewrites Molière’s comedy into a grim and dark parable of the conflict between the first and third worlds. After an explosive opening of confetti and streamers (designer Katrin Brack), where a blasé neo-rococo is firing on all cylinders and celebrates the absolutism of its own boredom, Norman Hacker’s Tartuffe reveals himself as a cold and provocative prophet, advocating hatred and revolt. An extremist and a fundamentalist, in favour of redistribution and revaluation, who appears in the moderate manner of a t.v. evangelist wearing the mask of revolution. He does not put his lambs out to pasture, instead he leads them as victims to slaughter. He has no good news to announce, but days of anger. And Orgon (Peter Jordan) accepts this offer and internalises it like some form of liberation theology, as if it is the greatest thrill to assume the mantle of the ascetic and the flagellant.


Directed by Dimiter Gotscheff
Stage Design Katrin Brack
Costume Design Barbara Aigner
Music Sir Henry
Lighting Design Henning Streck
Dramaturgy Claus Caesar

Norman Hacker Tartuffe
Peter Jordan Orgon
Paula Dombrowski Elmire
Angelika Thomas Pernelle
Andreas Döhler Damis
Judith Rosmair Dorine
Anna Blomeier Mariane
Ole Lagerpusch Valère
Helmut Mooshammer Cléante
Christoph Rinke Loyal