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Three Sisters

By Anton Chekhov
German translation by Andrea Clemen
Münchner Kammerspiele

Premiere 26 November 2006
Three Sisters

Three Sisters

© Arno Declair

  • 3h 15, one interval

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Talk with the audience
Moderation Tobi Müller
Sat 19 May 23:15

Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” has never been seen like this before: so lost in a dream, so poetic, so open, abstract and playful. Kriegenburg directs the play in strong theatrical images as a piece of art far removed from all Chekhovian traditions. A bright, shimmering hazy atmosphere prevails, such as accompanies the memory of childhood days, and the scenes are therefore sometimes flooded or sharply over-lit. Everyone speaks in quotations, as if they are speaking of things already experienced. They are made even stranger by wonderful doll masks – huge, sad, children’s heads – which strip the characters of all psychology and their identity but at the same time open up new areas for play, sense and association, as only theatre can. Images of transcendent beauty sit next to excessive outbursts and sad slapstick routines familiar from Kriegenburg’s theatre. It’s a swirling, whirling Chekhov. “Russendisco” and dance of death. Alluring, disconcerting, bewitching.


Directed by, Stage Design Andreas Kriegenburg
Costume Design Andrea Schraad
Music Laurent Simonetti
Lighting Design Jürgen Tulzer
Dramaturgy Marion Tiedtke

Oliver Mallison Andrey Sergeyevich Prozorov
Tanja Schleiff Natalya Ivanovna, his wife
Annette Paulmann Olga
Sylvana Krappatsch Masha
Katharina Schubert Irina
Paul Herwig Kulygin Fyodor Ilyich, school teacher, married to Masha
Bernd Grawert Vershinin Alexander Ignatyevitch, colonel
Bernd Moss Tuzenbach Nikolay Lyvovich, lieutenant
René Dumont Solyony Vasily Vasilyevich, lieutenant
Jean-Pierre Cornu Chebutykin Ivan Romanovich, army doctor
Stefan Merki Fyedotik Alexey Petrovich, sub-lieutenant
Walter Hess Ferapont, a watchman for the local council offices
Tanja Schleiff Anfisa, Njanja, an old woman