Les Paravents

By Jean Genet

Les Paravents

Les Paravents

© Hervé Bellamy

  • 3 h 45 min, one interval
  • In French with simultaneous translation (German)

Past Dates

18:15, Upper Foyer, free admission
Movie: “Am Anfang war der Dieb”
Interview with Jean Genet'

Jean Genet Film Series
Sat 15 and Sun 16 December

Les Paravents is a monster of a play with 96 characters, scenes to be performed simultaneously, overflying warzones and dialogues between the kingdom of the dead and the kingdom of the living. The impossibility of staging it is already clear to see. But this impossibility may have been overcome by my experience as an observer of Bunraku. I will direct Les Paravents with a strongly reduced ensemble: three actors will play Said, Leila and the Mother and four master puppeteers from the Youkiza company will perform all the other parts with the aid of marionettes and two French narrators. For Genet, Les Paravents is a dream or a vision of the theatre. »A festival for the living as well as the dead.« Les Paravents is also a comedy.
Frédéric Fisbach


Directed by Frédéric Fisbach
Stage Design Emmanuel Clolus
Lighting Design and Video Daniel Lévy
Music and Sound Design Thierry Fournier
Costumes Olga Karpinsky

With Valérie Blanchon, Christophe Brault, Laurence Mayor, Giuseppe Molino, Benoît Résillot und dem Marionettentheater Youkiza, Tokio [Magosaburo Youki, Ikuko Youki, Chie Youki, Setsuko Arakawa, Junko Hashimoto, Koh Hirai]

Co-production Le Quartz – Scène Nationale de Brest, Ensemble Atopique, Studio-théâtre de Vitry, Le Théâtre National de la Colline, Setagaya Public Theatre Tokio, Marionette Theatre Youkiza, Festival d’Avignon
Supported by the Ministère de la Culture – DRAC Ile de France, Département Val de Marne and city of Vitry-sur-Seine, DRAC Limousin and Région Limousin