Korea National Contemporary Dance Company

Korea National Contemporary Dance Company

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Korea National Contemporary Dance Company

“Kicked Hard the Tiger’s Nose”
“If It Cannot Be Helped”

  • Length: 34 & 47 minutes

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KNCDC (Korea National Contemporary Dance Company), having been acclaimed in 2012 Next Wave Festival of Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York, USA, takes the stage at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele (Berlin Festival Theater) on July 27.

The performance will be “Hositamtam” choreographed by Hong Sungyop the Artistic Director of the company and premiered in 2012. The dance by name of “Hositamtam”is made up of two pieces of works with different themes.
“Kicked Hard the Tiger’s Nose” portrays a noble-minded and pure heart inside a man to awake the pure human nature. “If It Cannot be Helped” represents the worldliest looks of man that is a dark section that a man is always on the alert for a chance to rationalise the wicked acts of self.

By Performing in Germany, it is expected to have a good opportunity to join the mainstream of international stages and to demonstrate the dynamic creativity and artistic achievements of the five decades of Korean contemporary dance history. Moreover, this event will help KNCDC positioned to the World-class as a national performing arts company.


Choreography Hong Sungyop (Artistic Director)

Dancers Kang Jinan, Kim Donghyun, Kim Modern, Kim Taehee, Kim Hoyeon, Park Myunghoon, Park Seongyeon, Seok Jinhwan, Sung Changyong, Lee Sojin, Lee Soojin, Lee Yonhee, Lim Linho, Choi Minsun, Choi Heejae