musikFabrik, Ircam / Peter Rundel

Past Dates

This year the musikfest berlin will again provide the venue for world-class debut performances. The Lichtung cycle by Emmanuel Nunes, which will be performed in its entirety for the first time, is a spatial composition par excellence in which instrumental and electronic tones melt together into a perfect entity. Some of the sounds actually appear to come to life, wander about the room and appear as elements or starting points of new forms and processes. The music achieves a physical, even sculptural, presence and plasticity. The live electronic performance, developed and programmed by the Paris Ircam, is alone enough to guarantee a unique sound experience. The Portuguese-born Emmanuel Nunes was influenced by Edgard Varèse, whose sound fantasy had always sought to reach beyond conventional instrumentation. Due to the technical requirements necessary for the play-back of electronic music, one seldom has the opportunity to hear Déserts, in which Varèse first combined electronic sounds with conventional instruments. Intégrales is justifiably one of Varèse’s most well-known works – a gripping and dense piece of immense intensity. Wolfgang Rihm was also heavily influenced by the music of Edgard Varèse. With Form/2 Formen he carries on where the orchestration of Déserts left off and continues with the piece’s further development.

Concert Programme

Part 1 [beginning 20:00]

Edgard Varèse [1883-1965]
Intégrales for wind instruments and percussion [1924-25]

Emmanuel Nunes [*1941]
Lichtung I for ensemble [1988-91]
Commissioned by Ircam – Centre Pompidou
Ircam computer music designer: Eric Daubresse

Emmanuel Nunes
Lichtung II for ensemble and live electronics [1995/96]
Commissioned by Françoise and Jean-Philippe Billarant
Ircam computer music designer: Eric Daubresse and Ipke Starke

Emmanuel Nunes
Lichtung III for ensemble and live electronics [2007]
Commissioned by Radio Classique / Fonds Maurizio Pollini
Ircam computer music designer: Eric Daubresse and José Fernandez Miguel
German premiere | World premiere of the complete cycle Lichtung I–III

Part 2 [beginning 22:30]

Wolfgang Rihm [*1952]
Form/Zwei Formen for 20 instrumentalists [1993-94]


Musikinformatik Ircam: Eric Daubresse, José Miguel Fernandez
Sébastien Naves sound engineer
Maxime Le Saux sound equipment
Emmanuel Nunes sound direction

Peter Rundel conductor