Food, Christopher Rumble

Food, Christopher Rumble

© Knut Bry, Anja Ligaya Weiss


Christopher Rumble / Food + Fennesz

Dub jazz and grooving soundscapes – these young improvisers draw from a vast pool of beats and sounds.

Christopher Rumble homepage (German only)
Christopher Rumble @ YouTube
Christopher Rumble @ YouTube (in the Künstlerwerkstatt XXL)


Founded by Iain Ballamy and Thomas Strønen and reinforced by varying guests, this extended duo excels in weaving multi-layered, yet subtle and translucent electro-acoustic sound-textures.

Thomas Strønen homepage
Food @ Wikipedia
Food + Fennesz @ YouTube

Christopher Rumble
Demian Kappenstein, drums, percussion, electronics
DJ Illvibe, turntables, electronics

Food + Fennesz
Iain Ballamy, sax, electronics
Thomas Strønen, drums, electronics
Christian Fennesz, guitar, electronics