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Little heart of Berlin

Late summer festival on World Heart Day
Film premiere and live show

Little heart of Berlin

Little heart of Berlin

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On World Heart Day, the herzkinder Gala initiative invites you to a late summer festival including a live show and the premiere of the film “Little Heart of Berlin” at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele – a film that saves lives as in the future all proceeds from its distribution worldwide will be donated to sick children.

Few people know that one child in a hundred is born with a malformed heart. Up until the 1950s, German children were flown to the USA to receive heart operations. The herzkinder Gala initiative helps fund operations for children who come from countries that do not yet have heart surgery, including initiating the foundation of heart centres in those countries.

Following the film premiere, a live show will take place in aid of children suffering from heart diseases. It will be a turbulent, colourful evening for a good cause – a substantial donation from the charity Ein Herz für Kinder has already been promised.

Further information and a video can be found at:

Director Knut Koch
Lighting Franck Evin
Collaborators Film: Christian Berkel, Gitte Haenning, Dominique Horwitz, Albrecht Mayer, Zazie de Paris, Thomas Quasthoff, Eckart Runge, Oliver Urbanski, mimes, artists and other great talents
Collaborators Live Show: Axel Prahl, Esther Ofarim, Sharon Brauner, Katharine Mehrling, Gabi Decker, Carolin Fortenbacher, Felix Martin, 17 Hippies, Alban Gerhardt, Rolf Zielke and band among others