One Day with … Sibylle Berg and friends

Artists and their friends in portrait

Sibylle Berg

Sibylle Berg

© Katharina Lütscher

Past Dates

Writer and playwright Sibylle Berg invites you to the Haus der Berliner Festspiele. She will present music, performances, art and people that are related to her life.

“One Day with …” is a new event series of the Berliner Festspiele and was jointly conceived with the Zeit-Stiftung

16:00, forecourt
Sibylle Berg and the Spielmannszug Pankow

Die Hackers
16:00-20:00, Kassenhalle
with Tina Lorenz, Stephan Urbach

Mrs. Berg and guests
16:00 – 20:00, Upper Foyer
Live broadcast from the basement
Sibylle Berg with:
Volker Beck, Thea Dorn, Carolin Emcke, Wolfgang Höbel, Fabian Kölmel, Max Moor, Olli Schulz

The readers
16:30 – 19:30, Upper Foyer left
Friendly readers will recite Berg columns:
Johanna Maria Knothe, Gitta und Nele Lindemann, Minna Wündrich

The lift to misery
16:30 – 20:00, Upper Foyer left
with Matthias Faust

Critic’s box
16:45 – 17:30, Mobile House
Requested reviews for brought along cultural assets: 1 Euro only!
with Wolfgang Höbel

The theatre
16:45 – 17:00, Upper Foyer right
Hasko Weber, commissioner and director in Weimar, will read a Berg text about Weimar
17:00 – 17:30
A scenic reading with Helene Hegemann and comrades

The entertainers
16:30 – 19:30, Upper Foyer right
Dan Bodan, Kat Frankie, Kaey, Malakoff Kowalski, Mary Ocher,

Film premiere 1
18:15, Upper Foyer
“Falling Into Place”
Choreography and direction: Louis Stiens
Dance: Robert Robinson
Camera and editing: Alexander McGowan
Music: Sparks “Angst in my pants”, 6 min 29

Film premiere 2
19:00, Upper Foyer
A romantic love comedy to the death.
Based on the short story “O-TON” from Sibylle Berg’s anthology “Das Unerfreuliche zuerst. Herrengeschichten” from 2001,
made into a film by Gregor Dashuber
13 min / colour / 2013

Berg cinema
16:30 – 20:00, Balcony
Sibylle Berg’s greatest TV and film moments.
Directly afterwards:
Video programme
Sibylle Berg’s favourite artists in an elaborate loop by chief curator Raphael Gygax

Frieze Photo Booth
From 16:00, Lower Foyer

Book table
From 16:00, Lower Foyer

The food
From 16:00, Bornemann Bar and Kassenhalle
Veggie, low fat, low carb, low taste!

From 20:00
Main Stage
Das große Ganze
The Great New Year’s Gala on Stage
Presented by Sibylle Berg and Olli Schulz
Matthias Brandt
Christian Brey
Marko Goecke
Helene Hegemann
Sven Helbig
Elisabeth Knothe-Zwieg
Annika Meier
Heta Multanen
Fabio Palombo
Katja Riemann
Heinz Strunk
and Spielmannszug Pankow

Guest curator Martin Hossbach