QuerGänge – Between Art and Experimental Didactics

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At the centre of the three-day symposium are the ten years of experience that lie behind the “QuerKlang – Experimental Composing at School” project: boundaries and interfaces between experimental didactics and traditional school lessons, artistic and pedagogic practice, between music, performing and visual arts and their education in schools will be discussed and critically reflected upon using practical examples. The goal of this academic reflection and hands-on practical experience in presentations, talks and common labs is to identify new forms to encourage the education and production of art in schools.

For 10 years now, “QuerKlang” – and its offshoots “Nachhall” and “Transfer” – have been organically associating the cultural education of Berlin pupils with the teaching of artistic and social skills in this complex problem structure. For this reason, efforts are made to integrate QuerKlang into classes despite tight curricula and responsibilities. Experiences gleaned from QuerKlang will be discussed in the symposium, and further artistic school projects will be presented. The transferability of the approaches lying behind music-oriented QuerKlang to the fields of fine and performing arts and dance form the symposium’s focal point and outlook.

Artists, teachers, professionals working in the cultural arena and students already active in the fields of art, culture and education are all welcome to participate.

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An event of Berlin University of the Arts, klangzeitort, k&k kultkom in collaboration with Berliner Festspiele / MaerzMusik, Kulturstiftung der Länder / Kinder zum Olymp! and the Deutsche Bank Stiftung