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Matthew Goodheart Portrait

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Matthew Goodheart

Matthew Goodheart

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Matthew Goodheart from San Francisco is a very multifaceted artist. As a pianist, composer, sound artist and improviser he is as familiar with avant-garde music as he is with Jazz. He is as at home with free improvisation within open forms as he is with composing complex musical structures. He works with acoustic instruments and electronics, and he experiments with the relationship between individual play and joint improvisation and the musical momentum of the ever new sonic features that emerge. MaerzMusik 2014 presents recent spatially referenced compositions by the composer, who is currently a fellow at the American Academy in Berlin. In this duo performance, Matthew Goodheart’s piano and George Cremaschi’s sonorous double bass interact with computer controlled metal percussion impulses.

Matthew Goodheart Portrait

Metal Work
for computer controlled metal percussion, bowed cymbals (2011) GP

Vexation Variations
for piano and autonomous viola (2013) GP

For Bass
for solo contrabass (2008/2009) GP

For Piano and Metal Percussion
for piano, computer controlled metal percussion, bowed cymbals (2012) GP

Matthew Goodheart, composition / piano / performance
George Cremaschi, double bass

An event of Berliner Festspiele / MaerzMusik and The American Academy in Berlin. With the support of Inga Maren Otto.
In cooperation with Berghain