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Michael Wertmüller “Anschlag”

Michael Wertmüller: “Anschlag”. [Excerpt]

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19:15 artist talk
Mark Sattler in discussion with Lukas Bärfuss and Michael Wertmüller

The sublime beauty of the human body stands opposite an immense brutality, the wonder of existence, an impotence of the “I”. Neither meditation nor asceticism, neither intellect nor science help to rid oneself of this brutality and impotence.

While in his libretto for Michael Wertmüller, with texts about life, death and illness of both the individual and society at large, Lukas Bärfuss poses the question of whether the new vision of the nature of humanity corresponds to a new image of the body and whether we cannot transcend our corporeality through music, Michael Wertmüller focuses on time: “Time was always an attack on life”, and every artistic ambition an attempt to stand up to the flow of time.

Far away from any programme, Michael Wertmüller in a sense encounters Lukas Bärfuss’ texts with the elementary power of the musician’s interaction with his instrument: “He is the essence of physicality in music and the stroke the final bastion of the corporeality of time”.

Michael Wertmüller’s highly energetic music and Berlin literature prize recipient Lukas Bärfuss’ multi-layered libretto are performed by exceptional soloists and the “Hammond-Avantcore-Trio” Steamboat Switzerland in a stage production by George Delnon and Marie-Thérèse Jossen. Titus Engel conducts the work.

Michael Wertmüller
Anschlag (2012/2013) WP of the completed version
Text: Lukas Bärfuss

Titus Engel, conductor
Marie-Thérèse Jossen / Georges Delnon, scenic realisation
Cornelia Schmidt, directing assistance
Sebastian Dieringer, lighting design
Mark Sattler, production manager
Katharina Christen, production assistance
Georg Morawietz / Josh Martin, sound design
Gerd Rische, electronic recording

Karl-Heinz Brandt, speaker
Clara Meloni / Anne-May Krüger / Ruth Rosenfeld, vocals
Wojciech Garbowski / Ekkehard Windrich, violin
Jennifer Anschel, viola
Elena Cheah, cello
Michael Weilacher, percussion
Louisa Marxen et al., marching drum
Steamboat Switzerland:
Dominik Blum, Hammond organ
Marino Pliakas, electric bass
Lucas Niggli, percussion

Commissioned by Lucerne Festival, funded by Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council. Co-production of Lucerne Festival with Theater Basel and Akademie der Künste Berlin / Studio für Elektroakustische Musik. With the support of UBS Cultural Foundation, Landis & Gyr Foundation, Siemens Building Technologies. The performance in Berlin is funded by Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council