Wayne Horvitz Gravitas Quartet

Past Dates

Seattle based keyboarder and pianist Wayne Horvitz has lived through quite a number of musical transformations. Together with Butch Morris he transferred Free Jazz into crystalline soundscapes, with Naked City he demolished the foundations of Jazz, with The President he designed elegiac short stories, with Pig Pen he invented Grunge Jazz, with Zony Mash he produced a homage to the Meters. He led deeply moving, extensive musical dialogues with his friend Bill Frisell or his wife Robin Holcomb.

His characteristic signature as a composer, however, has not in the least been affected by all these transformations. Never before has he evoked more old world charm than with his Gravitas Quartet. We feel transposed to Prague or Vienna at the end of the K&K era with its brittle beauty and almost decadent sensibility. At once melancholy and crystal clear, Gravitas is also a reminiscence to the chamber music of the early 20th century.


Wayne Horvitz piano
Ron Miles trumpet
Peggy Lee cello
Sara Schoenbeck bassoon