Past Dates

The Danish band Radiostar is a noisy contradiction of the strained cliché that the low temperatures in Scandinavia correspond to the temperament of the inhabitants. The band’s trademarks are soulful ballads with the concentrated power of two tenor saxophones (one of them played by Fred Lundin, well-known from JazzFest Berlin 2005 with his band Overdrive).

The full, earthy sound reminds the author of the best moments of 70s’ jazz-rock. At times the five musicians manage to sound as voluminous as a big band, only to open up the next piece to soloistic improvisations or collective jamming. Radiostar are completely unpredictable and able/love to switch from smoky lounge jazz to heavy blues without a warning. The passionate revivalists are highly likely to turn the Quasimodo into a party-compatible time tunnel of contemporary jazz.


Michael Blicher saxophone
Fredrik Lundin saxophone
Niclas Knudsen guitar
Thomas Vang bass
Anders Holm drums