Best of JazzFest

Highlights of the last 25 years

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Past Dates

Broadcasting on ARTE: Thu, 8 November, 23:50.

Berlin, November 6th 1982: Alberta Hunter enters the stage of the Berlin Philharmonic. Only a few bars into her successful song My Castle’s Rockin’ the singer manages to capture the audience completely. By that point Alberta Hunter had already developed a remarkable career. Born in 1895 she had been captivating New York’s and London’s jazz audiences in the 20s and 30s.

Later she worked as a nurse in a New York hospital, only to start an amazing comeback well into her 80s. Unsurpassed her Berlin concert stays a memorable moment in the history of the festival.

As a special tribute to the JazzFest Berlin 2007 ARTE will be showing excerpts from this performance amongst many other highlights of the past 25 years.