DV8 Films

Past Dates

Thu 6 December, 18:30

Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men
Directed by David Hinton in cooperation with Lloyd Newson
With Lloyd Newson, Nigel Charnock, Russell Maliphant, Douglas Wright
LWT 1990, 50 min

Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men – loosely based on the story of serial killer Dennis Nilsen – was DV8’s first stage show to be professionally adapted for film.

Fri 7 December, 18:30

Enter Achilles
Directed by Clara van Gool / Lloyd Newson
With Gabriel Castillo, Jordi Cortes Molina, David Emanuel, Ross Hounslow, Jeremy James, Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola, Liam Steel. Robert Tannion
BBC 1996, 45 min

A typical British pub. Pop songs tumble out of the jukebox, there is football on the TV, and the eight men lark around, pint glasses in hand.

[After the performance] ca. 21:30
Strange Fish
Directed by David Hinton / Lloyd Newson
With Kate Champion, Nigel Charnock, Jordi Cortes Molina, Wendy Houstoun, Diana Payne-Myers, Melanie Pappenheim [voice], Lauren Potter, Dale Tanner
BBC 1992, 50 min

Strange Fish looks at our quest for someone to love and something, or someone, to believe in, the tyranny of couples and groups, the pain of not belonging and the fear of being alone.

ca. 22:30

The Cost of Living
Directed by Lloyd Newson
With Jose Maria Alves, Gabriel Castillo, Robin Dingemans, Tom Hodgson, Eddie Kay, Tanja Liedtke, Eddie Nixon, Kareena Oates, Rowan Thorpe, David Toole, Vivien Wood
DV8 Films Ltd 2004, 35 min

The summer season has petered to an end. Eddie and David are disillusioned street performers. Eddie is tough, confrontational. David is a dancer who has no legs [as he is in real life], quietly determined not to let his disabilities or society's prejudices get in his way.