Jean Genet Film Series

Past Dates

As a prelude to Frédéric Fisbach’s production of Jean Genet’s Les Paravents [The Screens], spielzeit’europa presents four films by and about this controversial figure of the French literary scene.

Sat 15 December, 18:00

Jean Genet, le vagabond and Jean Genet, l’ecrivain
Directed by Michel Dumoulin
Screenplay Michel Dumoulin and Albert Dichy
With Michel Bouquet, Pierre Boulez, María Casares, Angela Davis, Jacques Derrida and others
F 1992, 160 min, French OV with German subtitles

Un chant d’amour
Directed by/screenplay Jean Genet
With Lucien Sénemaud, André Reybaz and others
F 1950, 25 min, b/w

Sun 16 December, 18:00

Am Anfang war der Dieb
Directed by Jean Genet, François Bondy, Hans Neuenfels
BRD 1984, 30 min

Directed by Tony Richardson
Screeplay Jean Genet and Marguerite Duras
With Jeanne Moreau, Ettore Manni, Keith Skinner, Umberto Orsini, Jane Beretta and others

GB/F 1965/66, 100 min, b/w, French OV with German subtitles